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Our main ingredients? The love for our territory and the desire to give the best. We cultivate and process each product as if we were the final consumers, to obtain the same product that we would be happy to bring to our tables.

Olive Oil

The extra virgin olive oil from Nodì is of the Peranzana variety, from the name of the olive tree grown especially in the Upper Tavoliere of Puglia. Appreciated nationally and internationally for its delicate flavor and rich in sensorial characteristics, many consider it the ideal oil to use in the kitchen. Thanks to its versatility, in fact, it is the ideal oil for the most varied preparations. With a low acidity and the perfect mix of bitter and spicy notes, you can use our extra virgin olive oil for any type of delicacy: enjoy it on raw dishes, such as bruschetta, but also on soups, meat and fish. In our mill we use cutting-edge and latest generation machinery to process our olives without altering their nutritional properties and consuming as little energy as possible. Before selling and packaging our oil, we store it in stainless steel tanks with a nitrogen system, to prevent it from oxidizing or becoming rancid. The olfactory notes of our wonderful oil, with a brilliant emerald green color, are reminiscent of tomato, rocket and artichoke.



Who doesn't love tomatoes? A pillar of Southern nutrition, this wonderful fruit is rich in beneficial properties and, thanks to the vitamins and minerals it possesses, it is a staple of the Mediterranean diet. The tomatoes we use for our purées are grown only and exclusively by us, respecting the seasonality of the product and giving it all the time necessary for it to reach full ripeness. We do not use any type of pesticide to help us in the cultivation: our tomatoes know of nature, of tradition, of a genuine and authentic goodness. You will notice it while enjoying our superb homemade tomato puree, sweet, thick and pulpy, ideal for seasoning pasta and creating a wonderful first course (perhaps with our artisan pasta?), But also for a homemade pizza or any first course or second course. We make our tomato purees with the same passion and the same love that our grandmothers once gave us: we prefer quality over quantity, to be sure to give you a product that will make you fall in love.



The pasta we produce is the perfect example of our desire to enhance the flavors and products of our land, our beautiful Puglia. We have chosen to produce typically Apulian types of pasta, which can best marry with our tomatoes (and with all the other vegetables grown under the sun of Southern Italy) and enhance to the maximum any sauce with which they are consumed. Thus cicatelli and orecchiette are born from our Apulian wheat, typical pasta shapes known and appreciated in Puglia. We prefer manual and mechanical work to chemical work: we personally take care of weeding and harvesting the ears which we then transform in our laboratory. We grow our wheat in an environment that is not very conducive to the development of micro-toxins and the growth of other organisms, to minimize any type of treatment. By tasting our cicatelli and our orecchiette, you will taste the essence of the real Puglia, that of the past, that of our parents and grandparents who made pasta at home on Sunday mornings, to spend happy moments having lunch together.



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