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Enhancing the Territory

Nodì is made by Apulian entrepreneurs with a dream: to enhance our territory and the products it offers us.

We deal directly with every phase of the production process: we carefully cultivate the raw materials, respecting the seasonality of the products and doing our utmost to reduce the waste of resources. We transform our harvest into products in our laboratories a few steps from the crops: our splendid olives give life to the extra virgin olive oil of the Peranzana variety, the wonderful tomatoes make up our pulpy and genuine passata, and the wheat from our fields allows us to produce delicious cicatelli and orecchiette, the typical Apulian pasta. We are also responsible for the sales process to local shops, supermarkets or private individuals.

Each raw material we use is 100% local, certified and tracked.


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Contrada Pozzacchio 71010 San Paolo di Civitate, Puglia

+39 334 680 7609


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